Ayrtek PremAYR Cricket Helmet - Blue Steel

The PremAYR helmet uses a high impact ABS shell paired with the patented Air Cushion Impact System (A.C.I.S™) liner it allows for a fully bespoke fit to be achieved providing both comfort and safety to the user. This system allows the user to pump air into the liner to make it smaller and thus achieving a customised fit.

The PremAYR also features our 4 point attachment chin-strap that acts to minimise forefront wobble and adds to helmet stability when wearing the helmet.

Brand: Ayrtek
Size: Senior

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Ayrtek Cricket - PremAYR Steel

A.C.I.S Liner

The PremAYR range has been designed using the unique Ayrtek structural shell shape made from high impact injection-moulded plastic, featuring the patented A.C.I.S (Air Cushion Impact System) liner and a fixed position steel grille as standard. The interior size is adjusted by use of the pump and release valve located at the rear of the helmet. They also feature our 4 point attachment chin-strap that acts to minimise forefront wobble and adds to helmet stability when wearing the helmet.

BS7928:2013~ Pending

High-Impact ABS shell materials.

Patented Air Cushion Impact System liner (A.C.I.S) offering a bespoke fit.

Fixed Grille position

Branded Microfibre Storage Bag

The PremAYR range is available in 4 colours, Navy Blue, Green, Maroon and Black

Size Range– 53cm-64cm.

Approx Weight– 872g (Steel Grille Model)

Ball Strike Impacts

During BSI testing all cricket helmets are subjected to an inverted drop test onto a hemispherical anvil from which the peak acceleration levels are recorded.

In order to be deemed a PASS the helmet has to record a reading of 250gn or below. As you can see from the graphic below our latest Ayrtek Cricket PremAYR model not only pass this but come in on average over 200gn less than this allowance.

What does this mean?

In simple terms we are performing to a level that on average is over 82% better than required to pass testing. This ensures that if someone is struck by the ball when wearing one of our helmets the minimum force is transmitted through the shell to the wearers head inside of it.

#Safer #Stronger #Smarter



Using a more traditional EPS (expanded polystyrene) shell to them the PremierTEK helmets utilise the popular material commonly used in the bicycle market due to its lightweight properties.

When paired with a rigid outer shell the impact performance qualities of the liner mean that under BSI testing (BS7928:2013) drop test condition the PremierTEK range performs to over 80% better than the test standard stipulates with its 250kn maximum allowance.

The TEK liners internal size is adjusted by the addition of foam padding, each helmet comes complete with 3 full sets of padding that can be interchanged to find the most suitable fit for the wearer.

Senior Size- 58-64cm

Youth Size- 54-57cm

The Senior model comes with 6, 9 and 12mm sets whilst the Youth model comes with 12, 15 and 18mm sets.

Specifications for " Ayrtek PremAYR Cricket Helmet - Blue Steel "

Brand Ayrtek
Size Senior

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" Ayrtek PremAYR Cricket Helmet - Blue Steel "

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