Heavy Cricket Bat Trainer

Have you ever wondered to use heavy cricket bat and have differed your thoughts because you cannot handle heavy cricket bat. Heavy Trainer is the answer, a product that helps create muscle memory to help get big bats out in the field to see ball get maximum distance.
Improves or builds following:
- Build muscle memory
- Increase bat speed
- Power hitting
- Hit hard, hit big
There is one product that trains you to do all of the above 😍 Heavy Trainer for Cricket Bat! Yes this is a must have in your kit bag.

The Heavy Trainer can improve cricket player’s game by building both player strength and flexibility. The 7.2-ounce Heavy Trainer slips over the grip and attaches to the throat of any Cricket bat, so there is no need for any additional equipment. A player trains with the bat they are used to swinging.

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" Heavy Cricket Bat Trainer "

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